Zircon Rhinestone Nail Decoration

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Zircon nail gems: Zircon Nail Art Gems are made of high-quality Natural zircon, they are hard, and the surface reflects the charming bright luster, making your nails shine, and eye-catching. brand new high-quality, compatible with natural and artificial nails, easy to use, can be used with nail polish, UV gel.

Multiple shapes: Our Diamonds for Nail Art have more different fashionable styles, the sizes are suitable for your natural nails and acrylic nails, enough amounts for your daily design. Through special design and precise cutting, it can reflect different glosses in different light and angles, and make nails shine.

Caring design: Each Nail Stone has a base for applying to the nails easily, the curved design perfectly fit the nails, and the outer surface featured precise cutting faces. The crystals are very lightweight, making them very convenient to store and carry, so you can change and use them when you are traveling or working.


  • Material: Alloy
  • Item No: Zircon Jewelry 121-144
  • Nail Product Category: Nail Tool Master


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