Ultra Thin Reusable Magnetic Eyelashes

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Amplify Your Eyes: False eyelashes are a quick and easy way to amplify your eyes and make you look more beautiful as it enhances the face features. Get this pack of Ultra Thin Reusable Magnetic Eyelashes as they are soft and Easy to fit and enlarge eyes.

Fancy Lashes: 
Fake lashes are in trend and women who love makeup use them on regular basis to look stunning and beautiful. These Ultra Thin Reusable Magnetic Eyelashes make your eyelashes more dense and curly. It is best to give you a fancy look.

Premium Quality: These ultra thin lashes are reusable if taken care of. They come in quality packaging after crossing the whole process of making it in a plastic tray with tweezer. Get yours now!

Product Features:

  • Easy to wear. 
  • Easy to fit and enlarge eyes. 
  • Your eyelashes will become more dense and curly. 
  • The magnetic eyelashes are wearable without the need of adhesive. 
  • With appropriate care, it can be reused repeatedly. 

Product Parameters: 

  • Material: fiber 
  • Specifications: 4pcs 

How to remove false eyelashes: 

  • First, gently slide the two magnets away from each other with the help of your index finger and thumb. 
  • Do not pull the lashes directly, or it may deform false eyelashes. 


  • It's better to apply mascara before you wear lashes, in order to make false eyelashes fixed more firmly. 
  • Once a magnet comes off, you could try to reapply it with eyelash adhesive, or simply purchase a new set of false eyelashes! 

Packing List: 

  • 1 pair of magnetic eyelashes
  • 1* Eyelash Tweezers


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