Sleeping Support Pillow For Pregnant Women

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Silky soft: The Pregnancy Pillow comes with a breathable silk cover. It is stronger and softer than cotton and is gentle on the skin, wicking moisture, providing long-lasting comfort. The cover is machine-washable and easy to clean.

Cool Touch: The only Maternity Pillow you will ever need near your skin. With a good heat release, ready for summer or during pregnancy, and a heavenly soft, adjustable filling with a pillow zip. Stay cool and comfortable all night. The body pillow provides the perfect support for reading, watching TV, relaxing, and nursing. Injured or postoperative people may receive supportive care.

Ergonomic Design: Design a U-shaped Pillow to fit the shape of a pregnant mother, long enough to support both sides of your body and replace other small pillows on your bed. This full-body pillow is suitable for anyone who needs extra support to support the head, neck, legs, and back.


  • Core: Pearl
  • Cotton Part: Body, head,
  • Waist Shape: U-shape
  • Pillowcase: 130*70cm
  • Pillow: 115*55cm (L*W).
  • Filling: 100% Polyester
  • Fiber Pillowcases: 100% Cotton, Velvet. Pillow


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