Car Seat Belt For Pregnant Women

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Comfortable: Our Mother Seat Belt is Made of soft and breathable material, It is suitable for the whole year. It is very comfortable and easy to use in any car seat. New Updated Pregnancy Seat Maternity Seat Girder, Provides a comfortable and safe driving experience

Easy to carry: The Pregnancy Belt moves slightly from the seat to fit into buckets and transfer. Three-point installation for added security. Essential services and a mandatory gift of any Schwangere in your car that you can use. It prevents the risk of your baby and the car ride and can be a false birth.

Design idea: A Traditional Safety Belt will compress the abdomen and affect the fetus in the abdomen, especially sudden braking, and the pressure on the baby will be doubled. After using a birth control pillow, the seat belt can be prevented from compressing the fetus in the abdomen.


  • Color: Black, Green, Pink
  • Name: Pregnant women's car seat belt
  • Seat belt length: About 1.55 meters/61.02inch
  • Applicable models: Universal for all models


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