Pregnant Car Seat Belt Adjuster

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Fixed: The Back Seat Belt is made of a non-slip bottom that fits snugly in the seat and is not slippery. The filling is made with a high, soft, and loose sponge. The height of the strap is adjustable for mothers of different heights.

Design Idea: A Traditional Safety Belt will compress the abdomen and affect the fetus in the abdomen, especially sudden braking, and the pressure on the baby will be doubled. After using a birth control pillow, the seat belt can be prevented from compressing the fetus in the abdomen.

Loose and Safe: The Collision Protection Belt makes the belt reach the thighs instead of over the abdomen, which will make the abdomen larger and more uncomfortable. It allows pregnant drivers to focus on driving and also makes pregnant passengers more comfortable. It is easy to install and requires extra time to loosen and reassemble, so it is very suitable for everyday use. 


  • Item: Seat Belt
  • Material: Nylon + Plastic
  • Color: As Shown Pictures


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