Multifunctional creative and portable reading bookshelf

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Protect The Cervical Spine: This Bookshelf is  Protect your vision and correct your sitting posture. Protect the cervical spine and free hands. 180 degree rotation. This is durable for everyone who are reading the books. Scalable adjustment. Thick material, strong pressure resistance. Multi-scene application:reading books, phone and so on,

Light Weight and Portable: Mini reading frame, easy to carry,make reading happen immediately,Take out and use,no need to install,free hands. All In One Folding:Small and foldable, ,no matter at home or out can read at any time, suitable for home,outdoor,hiking.



  • Name: Multifunctional creative and portable reading bookshelf
  • Two Color: Black, Green
  • Size: 30cm*21cm
  • Material: Thick ABS Material


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