Magic Elastic Back Massager

Sale price$29.40


Extend Waist Muscle Lines: This product relies on the principle of arc stretching, can help you solve the waist pain, fatigue, waist weakness, waist stiffness, lumbar discomfort'problems, extend your waist muscle lines.

Durable Features: The 3 gear can be adjusted, and the back bow angle can be adjusted according to needs, so as to suit waist exercise needs. Simulation finger massage, acupuncture touch, advanced PP material, durable, there are 150 massage contacts. Arc stretching, for laying and sitting. Let the waist return to normal 26 degree physiological curve.


  • Material:PP
  • Product color: random color
  • Product design: W1 acupuncture colorful style, W2 black yoga belt style.
  • Product size: 370*245mm/14.57*9.65"
  • Product function: correcting spine, improving hunchback / waist acid



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