GPS Dog Collar

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Using GPS+LBS Positioning: The positioning accuracy reaches within 10M, and the latest status and location of pets can be known both indoors and outdoors. Smart chip has high efficiency, high speed, strong signal, and long service life.

Saftty: Safety fencing area can be set up. Pets in and out of the area will send reminders to you for the first time to prevent pets from being lost or stolenReal-time positioning and uploading of the latest pet information. When pets stay dormant for a long time, the device lies dormant.

With Waterproof: dust-proof and fall-proof design, daily use, rainwater or wetting will not affect the use. 3G and 4G are not supported. Insert the 2G card with GPRS on, press the boot button for 3 seconds, the green light flickers quickly, and the device is available.



  • Material:ABS,PVC
  • Color:Black,
  • Feature:Durable
  • Length:2.60"/6.6cm
  • Width:1.50"/3.8cm
  • Height:0.75"/1.9cm




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