Bamboo Cutting Board

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CUT SMARTER: Cut, measure, and clean without dirtying knives or dishes. Mandolin add-on slices with simple back-and-forth motion. Extra-strong legs hold the board high so ingredients fall into swappable trays that measure as you cut and clean as you cook.

LARGE ADJUSTABLE STATION: Every cutting need, one purchase. Meats or veggies. Fish or fruit. Prep without cross-contamination, all at once. A ring around the edge stops spill-over. A gap keeps 2 surfaces separate. A slide brings boards together so big items get 1 counter-sized space.

FINEST CHERRY WOOD: Smooth and tough, cherry wood is maximally resistant to rot and decay. The ideal wood to last a lifetime. Anti-slide rubber-feet hold the board firmly so you can apply extra-torque against the extra-durable wood.


  • Type: Chopping Blocks
  • Packaging: Single Piece Package
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Room Space: Countertop, Kitchen
  • Design Style: Transitional, Modern
  • Material: BAMBOO
  • Place of Origin:  China
  • Size: 48*36*8cm
  • Color: Natural bamboo color.


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