3D Screen Magnifier

Sale price$25.12


Mobile Viweing: This 3D Screen Magnifier is a great tool for enhancing your mobile viewing experience! With its Phoenix lens and magnification of 3-4 times, this screen magnifier allows you to see things more clearly and enjoy a better view of your phone screen.

Drawer Design: It provides a drawer design, compatible with all android and Iphone devices. Good investment to watch movies, videos and playing games on the phone. Good for children and elderly people, helps them protect their eyes from close viewing objects. Can also be used as a traditional full-page magnifying glass to read books or newspapers

Radiation Protection: It also comes with radiation protection and a stand holder, making it ideal for use at home or on the go.Functions: amplification, eye protection, radiation protection, stand holderProduct size: 220 * 166 * 8 mm; 10''Color: Black, White,



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