Bunion Corrigible Pedicure Socks

Sale price$17.00


Light and High-Quality Materials: These Bunion Corrector Sleeves are made from skin-colored, lightweight yet durable elastic fabric that slips easily onto your feet and comfortably fits into most shoes. Can be worn by day or night and by men and women alike. Soft fabric makes it suitable for most feet. 

Superior Bunion Pain Relief: This Bunion Toe Separator is designed to provide superior bunion relief. It features a super-comfortable gel pad positioned over the site of the bunion to provide cushioning. The gel bunion pad prevents the bunion from getting aggravated by rubbing against shoes. 

Perfect For Gift: This Pedicure Sock is a perfect gift for friends, family, and loved ones. The gel toe spacer is covered in soft elastic fabric so the gel separator piece will not aggravate the skin.


  • L size: 10 * 8 * 5cm,
  • S size: 9 * 8 * 3cm    
  • Color: As Shown
  • Item Type: Toe Separator


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