Disposable Soap Holder

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Handy and Convenient: The cute container filled with soap paper sheets is small enough for pocket or purse and works well in a backpack. The mini size travel soaps won’t take up too much room, very handy to have on your trips.

Ideal for Traveling: Prepare the paper soap sheet in your car, purse, for backpacks and camping, make your hands always feel clean. Great for bathroom emergencies, especially when a public restroom runs out of soap.

Easy to Use: Dissolving soap take one minute to clean hands. Get one soap paper sheet out of the container, get your hands wet, and rub them with soap saver bag together. The sheets dissolve quickly, provide a lot of lather, and have a pleasant scent.


  • Weight: 14g/case approx.
  • Colors: purple, blue, pink, yellow, green
  • Flower Aroma
  • Lightweight, easy to take anywhere.
  • To clean your hands at home or outdoor on a travel or camping, hiking

Package includes:

  • Package includes: 1 box * soap sheets / lot


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