Waterproof Baby Swim Diaper

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Premium Quality: Our Baby Swim Diapers are made from a high-quality waterproof polyester outer layer. The interior is an extremely soft, high-quality polyester mesh designed for easy washing, reuse, and baby comfort. The lining of the children's swim diapers is soft, skin-friendly, and breathable, bringing a great feeling to the baby.
Reusable Design: These Reusable Cloth Swim Diapers are designed with durable, comfortable, and machine washable fabric, baby can use them over and over again. No disposable swim diapers, save money in the long run and promote environmental protection, provide a beautiful environment for the baby.
The best choice: The Unisex Baby Swim Pants are perfect for all water sports and occasions, whether it is the beach, swimming lessons, swimming pool, water park, and summer vacation. There are many fashionable colors for you to choose from, our baby swim diapers have more stylish and attractive designs.


  • Material: polyester 
  • Type: Baby Swim Diaper
  • Color: Shown
  • Department: Kid


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